The Family History of the
Hawson family of South Australia.

The history of the pioneering family of HAWSON
who came to the Port Lincoln area of South Australia.

Henry and Elizabeth immigrated to the British colony of South Australia in 1830s. They came via their own ship the Abeona, which was captained by their son Henry Cowell Hawson.

They were among the first European settlers to the Eyre Peninsula District.

The Smiths and Hawsons landed at the site on 19th March,1839. They landed on the Beach now known as Stenross’ Slip. They planted a British flag and fired a canon to mark their arrival.

Their ship The Abeona was owned by Henry Hawson and captained by their son.

Henry Hawson took up land near Kirton Point (Port Lincoln area) and began building a house. He wasn’t actually granted land by the government until 25th February, 1841.

For more information on the Hawson please go directly to their site:
The Hawson Story


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