This is a history of the branch of the Carrick family which emigrated from Ireland in 1847 and settled in South Australia.

James Todd Carrick and his wife Isabella (Robinson) left their home in 1847 and arrived in Adelaide aboard the COMPETITOR in 1847.  This was only ten years after the foundation of the British colony of South Australia.

The family settled in the Noarlunga district, south of Adelaide, upon the horseshoe meander of the Onkaparinga River.

The family initially took up farming, but very soon turned to running inns and public houses.  They ran several such places around the Noarlunga district.

Over time the generations of Carricks spread out around initially South Australia and later Australia itself.

Connected families:
Carrick Eberhard Hawson Hetzel Poppe/Puppe | Robinson | Robinson
Schaeche/Schache | Shepperd/Shepherd | Vogel 
More Information?
Much of the information on these pages is introductory.  Any family members or genealogists who would like more detailed information, or who would like to contribute and share information, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Updated: August 2014


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